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Free as the wind

Free as the wind

soap operas
118 x 60'Venezuela · · SD

Free as the Wind is a great romance, which takes place within the confines of a University campus.

It is about the idealistic vision fueling the dreams of today’s college students who set out to change the world and make it better.

Director Vicente Albarracín
Cast Laura Chimaras, Jonathan Montenegro, Juliet Lima, Damián Genovese
Language Spanish
Format Rights Available
Territories Europe · Africa · Middle East
London Street

London Street

13 x 30'Spain · · SD
The story is about Fernando Marańón, a young boy that his parents send him to London to learn and study English in the university. Fernando sets in the flat of Robinson’s family. There, he will meet Ajo, Paco, Núria and Alfonso. As time pass he realizes that life is something more that he had imagined and thanks to his friends he will enjoy new experiences that will change his life.
Director Fernando Eiras, Javier Olivares, Pablo Olivares
Cast Fernando Ramallo, Ana Álvarez, Daniel Guzmán, Paula Echevarría, Luis Merlo, Manuel Manquińa y Kim Manning.
Language Spanish
Territories Europe · Latin America US Hispanic · Africa · Middle East