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Dinasty of power

Dinasty of power

soap operas
476 x 30'Spain · · SD

Eulàlia and Mateu Montsolís are two brothers owners of some cellars in the Penedès region, the Cavas Monstolis. They are members of a rich and respected family. The story revolves around the love story and incest between Eulàlia and Mateu.  As a result of it a son was born, called Eduard.  The Montsolís family can’t allow this scandal from the past comes to light, as it would cause an irreversible damage, so they keep the secret. They do believe that Eduard is a bastard son of a sporadic relationship between Mateu and one of his many lovers, Àngels Estivill. Eduard was raised by family workers, Tomàs and Assumpció.  Deceit, murder, gambling, jealousy ... and murkier relationships between members of a powerful family in the midst of a suffocating atmosphere are the plot of the series.

Director Josep María Benet i Jornet
Cast Emma Vilarasau, Jordi Dauder, Eduard Farelo, Montserrat Salvador, Jordi Bosch
Language Spanish, English, French
Territories Africa
Calle Mayor

Calle Mayor

99'Spain · · SD

The residents of a little village live trapped in their traditions and customs. In this village lives a woman called Isabel and she has 35 years old. Isabel feels miserable because she hasn’t get yet a husband to marry her. Juan is a young guy of the village and with his group of friends have fun making jokes to pepople. One day they decide to make Isabel think that Juan is in love with her and wants to marry her.

Director Juan Antonio Bardem
Cast Betsy Blair, José Suarez
Language Spanish
Territories Europe · Latin America US Hispanic · Africa · Middle East