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Wild Skin

Wild Skin

soap operas
120 x 60'Venezuela · ·

Camila Espino is a young woman who hides beneath the mask of a terrible character that is known as “Piel Salvaje”. Her story begins in the middle of a street fight  when Camila meets Maximiliano Esquivel. Her wild behavior attracts Max who is seduced by this beautiful beast. He will remove the anger that covers her heart.

Abandoned  in the street at young age, Camila grew up with the question of what happened to her mother, and now she is determined to unveil the mystery. A love story of war and hate where a secret gives a magical turn to the lives of those who vowed to remain in silence. “Piel Salvaje”…Love in a single touch.

Director Martin Hahn
Cast Irene Esser & Carlos Felipe Alvarez
Language Spanish
Territories Europe · Africa · Middle East
Objective: Development

Objective: Development

26 x 30'Spain · · SD

Objective Development shows us about cooperation projects carried out by different NGOs in Latin America and Africa, with the support of the Extremadura Agency for International Development Cooperation. (AEXCID).

Director Miguel Ángel Cabezas
Language Spanish
Territories Europe · Latin America US Hispanic · Africa · Middle East