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The Black Widow

The Black Widow

soap operas
142 x 60'Venezuela · · SD

This thrilling love story centers around Inmaculada Rojas, a beautiful young woman who suffers through a great scandal when she is expelled from a beauty pageant because it is discovered that she gave birth to a daughter.

Director Yuri Delgado
Cast Mari Angel Ruiz, Verónica Schneider, Luis Gerónimo Abreu, Juan Carlos García, Luciano D'Alessandro
Language Spanish
Territories Europe · Africa · Middle East


13 x 90'Spain · · SD
The series is about a group of secret elite agents, composed by six agents high qualified and specialized. This team will fight in the Europe without frontiers in the XXIth century, against the organized crime and the international mafia. The Mafia has taken the advantage because of the disappearance of the territorial front rows, to expand their communications.
Director Vicente Torres
Cast Joan Crosas, Fanny Gautier, Armando del Río, Carmen Elías, Javier Tolosa, Raúl Peńa.
Language Spanish
Territories Europe · Latin America US Hispanic · Africa · Middle East