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Betrayed Heart

Betrayed Heart

soap operas
120 x 60'Venezuela · · SD HD

A mother can do anything for a child. That’s what Lorena Garcia thinks when his 5 year old son is kidnapped in order to threaten her to commit a crime. It all begins when Lorena discovers that Guillermo, her husband is a hit man who made a mistake in an attempt to kill Marco Aurelio Corona, prestigious city lawyer. As a desperate measure Guillermo and his boss decide to take the child of Lorena, and force her to work as a nurse at the home of this lawyer, intending to kill him.

A dangerous situation as she can be discovered and because in the past she worked for Marco Aurelio’s family, helping his sister in the cottage of the Crown. Fifteen years ago Lorena was a child and fell in love platonically with Alberto Corona, a 20-year-old son of a prominent lawyer. Lorena confesses her love for him and Alberto promises that when he grows up, he will marry her. Now she is a woman and fate confronts her again with the love of her life, under a terrible circumstance.

Language Spanish
Territories Europe · Africa · Middle East