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My cousin Ciela

My cousin Ciela

soap operas
157 x 60'Venezuela · · SD

My Cousin Ciela is the story about three young cousins, Graciela, Silvia and Maite, who have been raised together under strong, rooted family values. Like the first generation of their devoted mothers: Gimena, Ileana, Arminda and their aunt Esperanza. Graciela is the heart, Silvia is the mind and perseverance and Maite is the willpower and virtuosity. The lives of the three cousins will experiment constant interrelation of illusions and disappointments.

Director Pilar Romero
Cast Mónica Spear, Manuel Sosa
Language Spanish
Format Rights Available
Territories Europe · Africa · Middle East
El pantano

El pantano

9 x 60'Spain · · SD
Inés Alonso is a woman that escapes from the crowded and noisy city, from the infidelity of his boyfriend and from a hospital where she can’t exercise her job with freedom and ethic. She decides to move to a little village where her sister Claudia lives. The story is set in this little village, quiet and comfortable, but near the village there is a quiet and mysterious marsh…
Director Inés París y Daniela Fejerman
Cast Natalia Verbeke, Emma Suárez, Antonio Valero, Jorge Bosch
Language Spanish
Territories Europe · Latin America US Hispanic · Africa · Middle East