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Dr. G & the women

Dr. G & the women

15 x 60'Venezuela · · SD

Gabriel Andrade Nińo, better known as “Dr. G”, is an attractive and mediocre psychologist who decides to invest all his money to open up an office at the city’s most prestigious clinic. Convince that he has charisma and the ability of seduction; Dr. G thinks that these traits will be enough to help him achieve the success he desires in becoming a “famous psychologist”.

To Dr. G’s surprise, he thought that with those qualities he would receive more patients but instead his only patient in his agenda is Susy, his younger sister, who dreams of becoming an actress and exercises her talent by pretending to be a patient with multiple issues of personality disorder.

Dolores, the receptionist is convinced that “Dr. G” does have a huge talent but for some reason that she isn’t aware off has kept him in darkness among the medical community. She then decides to help him in getting him patients who are in need of psychological treatment. Along the same lines, Gabriel discovers that thanks to his love affair experiences with women, he possesses a strange ability to translate the words of what a woman says but with its true meaning. From that moment, he submerges himself into a very unlikely unorthodox process of analysis, diagnosis, and treatment.

Cast Luis Fernández, Ámbar Díaz, Chantal Baudaux, Nacarid Escaloma, Eric Noriega
Language Spanish
Territories Europe · Africa · Middle East