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No puede ser (NPS)

No puede ser (NPS)

50 x 30'Venezuela · · SD
Sheryl and Rosmery, two ex young enemies from school will live hilarious situations when they meet again without knowing, participating in a reality show to win an important contract with a famous discography. Meanwhile, they will fight for the love of Hendrick, and ex colleague of school that works in the camp where the participants of the reality live.
Director Eduardo Antonio Pérez
Cast Sheryl D. Rubio, Rosmeri Marval, Hendrick Bages, Alfredo Lovera
Language Spanish/Italian (Access)
Territories Europe · Africa · Middle East
La nueva Cenicienta

La nueva Cenicienta

92'Spain · · SD

Marisol, a modest town girl dreams to have success and fame around the world with her shows. With his simpathy and hapiness she finally reaches the fame as a singer in a show that the dancer Antonio and the american singer Bob Cobrad prepare to Eurovision Festival. For this movie the producer Manuel J. Goyanes contract the well known and famous american director George Sherman, a specialist in action movies and spaghuetti western.

Director Georges Sherman
Cast Marisol, Antonio, Fernando Rey, Robert Conrad
Language Spanish
Territories Europe · Latin America US Hispanic · Africa · Middle East