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Extraordinarily Ordinary

Extraordinarily Ordinary

20 x 7'Spain · · SD

You'll never again see the everyday things in the same light. Without this, the fashion world would be in a sad state, combing your hair would be a nightmare and shaving would be tantamount to suicide. What is it? The mirror, of course. One of the many extraordinary inventions featured in this program.

Ballpoint pens, spaghetti, chewing gum, bicycles, video games, chocolate, firecrackers, running shoes,... These are things we use every day, but what do we really know about them? Let's be honest; we know practically nothing. They're things that have been forgotten, ignored, even taken for granted, and that's why they're fed up with being used by everyone and not appreciated for their real worth. So they've joined together to demand their rightful place in the world. And to do this they've made a television series to explain their history: where they come from, who invented them and how they are manufactured today.

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