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Bendito Paladar

Bendito Paladar

65 x 30'Spain · · SD

“Bendito Paladar” is a TV program hosted by two nuns of a closed order, Sor Beatriz and Sor Liliana. They show the audience how to cook delicious meals set in a unique place: the kitchen of the convent.

Traditional recipes without forgetting the typical sweets and cakes of nuns, to suit all tastes. Sor Liliana and Sor Beatriz with their spontaneity and natural manner will be considered the best nuns for Spanish people. Season I: 22 Eps. Season II: 43 Eps.

Language Spanish
Territories Europe · Latin America US Hispanic · Africa · Middle East
Recipe for love

Recipe for love

soap operas
100 x 60'Venezuela · · SD

Adriana Palacios dreams to become a famous chef and set the style in the world of the culinary arts. However, this dream is interfered because of a family problem, forcing Adriana to take charge of her family. Ass time pass, Adriana enters to work undercover at César Román Perroni’s restaurant to discover a past secret. She discovers that behind the Chef hides a fascinating man and an excellent cook.

Director Ana Teresa Sosa & Neida Padilla
Cast Estefanía López, Luciano D'Alessandro, Eduardo OrozcoMirela Mendoza
Language Spanish
Format Rights Available
Territories Europe · Africa · Middle East