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Kumba Park

Kumba Park

26 x 26'Spain · SD

In spite of the humanity doesn’t know it, his future is in danger. In the lost island in the sea of the Sagarzos lives a bad scientist, Doctor Bass. She has made an agreement with aliens. She will have access to the advanced technical knowledge’s in exchange for turning into the adopting mother of a big quantity of embryos of other planets. They will be the Spacemons. Doctor Bass has to care of they give birth and grow correctly. When this is done, the stronger will prevail to the weakness. And afterwards, they will invade the rest of the planet. The only ones that can stop this mission are Noe, the director of the reserved island and his daughter Kumba…

Director Antoni D'ocon, Víctor Luna
Language Spanish/English
Territories Europe · Latin America US Hispanic · Africa · Middle East